’ve been a UU for 27 years, and a member of All Souls for seven. I was an active member of three UU congregations before coming to All Souls; two in Massachusetts and one in Indiana. I’ve been on a church board, the head of RE, and a Worship Associate. I’ve arranged annual fund-raisers, and envisioned and organized events to introduce newly arrived refugee youth to church youth. I’ve been a worship associate at All Souls, and was head of the worship committee. I’ve attended four General Assemblies (GAs), one of which my eldest son was part of the Worship Arts Team, so I got to interact with ministers and see behind the curtain of worship at GA. I like to attend other UU churches when I travel – I’ve attended services in Virginia, California, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, and many in Massachusetts.I’m proud to say that I was part of the Interim Minister Search Committee which brought us Joel. I would love to take what I learned forward to the settled minister search. What I bring is an understanding of the variations that exist between UU churches, and the ministers who serve them. I would be a voice of “what is possible” beyond what has been experienced, up to now, at All Souls.