At All Souls, we celebrate our connection. We know we need one another, and we also know each individual knows themselves best. Caring at All Souls is supportive without being directive, and seeks to leave us all more capable and empowered to live the lives we are seeking.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is provided by both our lay Pastoral Associates and Minister. This often occurs in one-on-one meetings, or in small group settings. Pastoral Care seeks to help you make meaning out of your life. We strive to help you find the tools and resources within you that can assist you. If you are also seeking professional counseling, we can refer you to a trained professional who specializes in the issues you might be facing.

If you are seeking pastoral support, or are interested in learning more about our lay Pastoral Associates program, contact

Caring Committee

Our caring committee ensures we all felt cared for when we are wanting and needing that. Sometimes they sends cards of support, other times they arranges casseroles to delivered or rides to appointments. To receive or help to provide caring, please contact lay leader Jane Murphy at