Rev. Katie is All Souls’ New Minister!

We are still “feeling the glow” from Rev. Katie’s Installation Service held on October 29! Photos of this magnificent event can be found in this Facebook Album and in this Google Folder, and the recording of the service can be viewed HERE.

Thank you to all who traveled to be here with Rev. Katie to celebrate the start of her shared ministry with All Souls.

Thank you to all who participated in the service. Having so many UU ministers and leaders in one place, offering wisdom and inspiring words, was amazing. We are taking your charge(s) to our congregation seriously and mindfully. The Order of Service for the event can be found HERE. 

Thank you to all who contributed financially to help us close the gap in our funding. Between the generous donations via the Gofundme campaign and directly to All Souls, we raised an additional $4,385! Any funds above what are needed for the installation are earmarked toward making our sanctuary more accessible, which is in line with our Annual Vision of Ministry priority of radical inclusion.

Thank you to the All Souls staff and SO MANY volunteers who worked so hard to make the service and party beautiful, colorful, personal, meaningful, inspiring….and delicious! Thank you for giving so generously of your time and talents. We appreciate every one of you! (Apologies if we inadvertently left your name off the list).

Welcome to All Souls, Rev. Katie! We are so glad you are here and are excited about our future together!