I am honored that several individuals nominated me for the MSC. If selected, I would be happy to serve. Many of you know my wife Babette. Babette and I are long-time members of ASI having joined shortly after relocating to Indianapolis in 1999. Many years ago, Babette and I agreed that church would largely be her area of concentration, in part because the demands of a public accounting career limited the amount of time I had available to devote to external responsibilities. My limited involvement includes serving in a variety of roles including the pledge drive, the audit committee and the finance committee.  On May 31, I concluded my career after 40 years. The skills I developed should allow me to be an effective member of the MSC. I am an analytical consensus builder, open-minded and practical with a good sense of judgement and a keen eye for talent – both aptitude and abilities. Those skills will be invaluable to the committee as we manage the congregational survey, gather information from members, review and assimilate that information into a report and then identify and interview candidates.