We hope you find connection, meaning, and shared purpose with us. Our Mission is: To welcome all. To lead with love. To embrace hope. To cultivate community. To challenge assumptions. To face our biases and prejudices with clear eyes. To spark positive change within ourselves and in our communities. To act in ways that help move the arc of the universe toward justice. We hope you join us in this pursuit. -Rev. Anastassia Zinke                              

Upcoming Worship (Sundays, 10:30am)

  January 26: Youth-led, intergen service. Disruptive Engagement: Daring to rehumanize education and work”: Brene Brown analyzes the way shame permeates our culture in schools and organizations. She says people in leadership roles bully, critize and set up rewards systems that belittle, shame and humiliates students, employees –  simply put, PEOPLE. Come hear our youth name the characteristic of this shame-based culture, where they have witnessed it, and their recommended practices.
February 2: Mind the Gap: Cultivating change and closing the disengagement divide”: Brene Brown holds that we disengage for two reasons: to protect ourselves and because we feel that the people who are supposed to be leading us are not living up to the social contract. Where do we see this problem in our families, communities, and businesses? Rev. Anastassia preaching.

Our Beliefs


A Message from our Minister

Dear All Souls,
After nearly seven years as your senior minister, I have decided to step down from my position in June. My last Sunday in the pulpit will be June 7, 2020.
Dear ones, I am so grateful to be your minister. I have felt deeply honored to be invited into your lives, to share in your joys and sorrows, and to accompany you through so many significant life and congregational transitions. The hardest part about leaving All Souls will be saying goodbye to all of you.
This Sunday in worship, I’ll talk more about what serving at All Souls has meant to me.
I’m not leaving because I’m unhappy being your minister or because I have found a “better” congregation. I love being your minister! I love worshipping with you on Sundays. I have joy seeing this congregation learn to do new things and vision for its future. I am fulfilled seeing our people put love in action by showing up for mass transit, marriage equality, reproductive justice, criminal justice reform, and our planet. I am inspired by our talented and committed staff and discerning lay leaders. I am excited to come to work each day. Leaving you requires me to summon courage.
I’m leaving because as much as I love being your minister, my commitment to my family comes first. For nearly two years, Kent searched for a position in Indianapolis that would meet his career needs, but ultimately his search led him to a national policy position in the Washington, D.C. area that requires him to be in-office come June 2020. We plan to move our family this summer, and this Spring I will be conducting a search for a congregation to serve there starting in August 2020.
I also believe that All Souls will be well served by new ministerial leadership. There are wonderful ministers out there, and many will be very excited about coming to All Souls. I have great faith in All Souls’ future, because I have great faith in all of you.
I am announcing my decision to leave earlier than is typical in order to give the congregation and its leadership ample time to make thoughtful decisions about All Souls’ future. In the coming weeks, the Board will share with you a road map for ministerial transition. The Unitarian Universalist Association is prepared to support you.
In the meantime, I am very much committed to being your minister through June, and am excited for this congregation to claim its vision for All Souls over the next few months as we: reveal All Souls Indianapolis’ rebranded identity, hold sessions to envision how we put love into action, create a vibrant 20s/30s ministry, and finally to honor what we’ve accomplished together and practice the tender and important art of offering a good “goodbye” as June 7 draws near.
In the next few months, we will have time to more fully process our grief, express our gratitude for one another, honor what has been, and say goodbye. In closing, I want to say thank you for shaping me and my ministry. You will always be with me.
With deep love and gratitude,
Rev. Anastassia

Upcoming Events

January 29, 7-8:30 p.m. Un-Misunderstanding Millennials:

Generational divides are not new, but religious communities traditionally have not been affected significantly. The shared Sunday experience, built relationships, and the communal celebration of life transitions each work to knit the generations together. Starting with the Baby Boomers, however, and increasingly through Gen Xers and now Millennials, the national trend lines show that fewer people in each generation attend church and that people are finding it harder to naturally connect with those not in their generation. As All Souls is majority Boomers, Rev. Anastassia and Nasreen Khan are leading this workshop meant to help our current membership gain skills and understanding in connecting with millennials (those ages 22-37), and welcoming and integrating them into our community. You will learn insights from national, generationally-focused social research as well as interviews of those younger folk within All Souls. Rsvp to Nasreen at programs@allsoulsindy.org.

Purdette Concert
Sunday, February 2, 2020 at 3pm. FREE, All Souls Unitarian Church
All Souls Unitarian Church is very pleased to present a concert by Purdue University’s Purduettes Choir. Celebrating music of all genres with a vast repertoire this multi-talented troupe of women represents the brightest and best from a variety of majors and areas of study. The concert, directed by Jeff Vallier, Director of the Purduettes and University Choir. The concert is free and open to the public. All are invited to attend. A punch and cookie reception will follow the concert.