Our Interim Minister: Rev. Joel Miller

Hello All Souls Indianapolis! I am so looking forward to the interim ministry we will be doing together. I have seen our congregations save lives. Every congregation is saving lives in some way: perhaps a UU Youth group, a LGBTQ  choir concert, and certainly in all the connections sustaining us through joy and tragedy. And we save something more more than our lives We save this miracle the earth come alive witnessing and wondering with the universe this web of life from which we emerged and will return. I’m  grateful to be in this conversation with you about ministry, congregations in transition, and about our Living Tradition, Unitarian  Universalism.
-Rev. Joel Miller

Our Beliefs

Love in Action
To welcome all. To lead with love. To embrace hope. To cultivate community. To challenge assumptions. To face our biases and prejudices with clear eyes. To spark positive change within ourselves and in our communities. To act in ways that help move the arc of the universe toward justice.

Petition for Healthcare Justice

We invite the community, particularly clergy, medical professionals, and leaders across the country – especially in Indiana – to join us in solidarity to call for public accountability and justice in the loss of Dr. Susan Moore and Dr. Chaniece Wallace, by adding your digital signature to this document. We will share your names as a part of this petition and larger campaign for addressing and dismantling systemic racism in our public health system.

A Thanks From Coburn Place

Coburn Place says a big “Thank You” to All Souls
We delivered a carload of groceries, bedding, cleaning products, and other household items to the grateful folks at Coburn.  Your generosity went a long way in stocking their shelves so patrons can easily access needed household items.  Along with the materials dropped off, we had our best year ever of SCRIP card donations…. $1250 in grocery, fuel, food, and bus passes!  WOW!  This delivery shows that although we are distanced, we are still able to come together to help others.  Thank you to everyone for putting your faith into action this Christmas season, the folks at Coburn Really Appreciate You!

Out of The Box!–A contest Submissions accepted until February

Churches everywhere are struggling with how to stay relevant, and continue to meet the needs of younger people–and we are no exception. All Souls received a grant to foster engagement with younger adults–ages 18 through late 30’s. Do you have a program idea that might meed young adult needs, that you would really like to facilitate?
We can make that idea a reality! You would receive staff help and support and funds to make your idea a success. Email Rev. Miller at minister@allsoulsindy.org or Nasreen at weekly@allsoulsindy.org with your ideas.

What are Unitarian Universalists?