People come to All Souls seeking connection, meaning, and shared purpose.  We hope you find these with us. We are diverse in faith and spirituality, committed to building a diverse, welcoming, multicultural Beloved Community, and a joyous, justice-seeking people who express our compassion in tangible ways.                                 – Rev. Anastassia Zinke, Minister    

Upcoming Worship (Sundays, 10:30am)

July 21: “The Legacy of Hamilton” Hamilton and his contemporaries do a lot of thinking and singing about the topic of legacy. What lessons might we find in their stories, and what are our own? Many of us who are older have done a lot of thinking and discussing of what our legacy will be. How might thinking about this those of all ages live more fully now?

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Sermon: “Our Forgotten Forefather: John Murray & Universalism” by Rev. Kayla Parker

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We Are Hiring!

Position Title: Nursery Coordinator

Start Date: ASAP

Hours: Sunday mornings 9:15am – 12:15pm additional hours for other church events (approx. 12-15 hrs/month)

Responsibilities: Provide oversight in the church Nursery or in providing childcare for younger children and in supervising childcare volunteers, as scheduled.  All Souls offers developmentally-appropriate caregiving for all children in a manner which nurtures a sense of love, emotional and physical safety, and fosters wonder and creativity in faith formation.  Caregivers are expected to promote these values in our classrooms and to care for our children in a supportive, positive way. The Coordinator must communicate clearly and frequently with church staff via email and phone for scheduling purposes; additional communication with parents, guardians, and other caregivers is necessary.

Requirements: 21 years or over, provide references of work with children, and submission to a state background check.  CPR-certified a strong preference.

All of our Caregivers are required to abide by the All Souls Unitarian Church Safe Church policy and Code of Ethics for Working with Youth, including having two adults with all children at all times.

Contact our Director of Children and Community Programming if you are interested in joining our team at