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Our Interim Minister: Rev. Joel Miller

Hello All Souls Indianapolis! I am so looking forward to the interim ministry we will be doing together. I have seen our congregations save lives. Every congregation is saving lives in some way: perhaps a UU Youth group, a LGBTQ  choir concert, and certainly in all the connections sustaining us through joy and tragedy. And we save something more more than our lives We save this miracle the earth come alive witnessing and wondering with the universe this web of life from which we emerged and will return. I’m  grateful to be in this conversation with you about ministry, congregations in transition, and about our Living Tradition, Unitarian  Universalism.
-Rev. Joel Miller

Our Beliefs

Love in Action
To welcome all. To lead with love. To embrace hope. To cultivate community. To challenge assumptions. To face our biases and prejudices with clear eyes. To spark positive change within ourselves and in our communities. To act in ways that help move the arc of the universe toward justice.

Adult Forum. Aug 1. 9-10am Zoom Meeting ID: 954 0753 0155

Alan Schmidt will be our facilitator for this session, sharing with us his reflections on living a meaningful life through interdependence. He will draw on the work of David Brooks’ book “The Second Mountain”. The concept of the second mountain is that most individuals expect they are climbing just one mountain as an individual: education, career, marriage, children, and on to retirement, but many people experience the struggle of climbing a second mountain they were not expecting with troubles of divorce, illness, death, job loss, or the present, pervasive COVID-19 and all its ramifications. Climbing the second mountain is aided by embracing a life of interdependence, commitments to others, and service to others, not independence.

Seed Packaging Circle to Follow service Aug 1!

We had such a great time last week we will be doing it again! Join us in repackaging seeds from the Cooperative gardens Commission. We will sit in the shade, directly following the service and socialize while we work on taking bulk seeds and repackaging them into smaller envelopes. No need to RSVP–Just stick around or show up after the service!

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