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Our Interim Minister: Rev. Joel Miller

Hello All Souls Indianapolis! I am so looking forward to the interim ministry we will be doing together. I have seen our congregations save lives. Every congregation is saving lives in some way: perhaps a UU Youth group, a LGBTQ  choir concert, and certainly in all the connections sustaining us through joy and tragedy. And we save something more more than our lives We save this miracle the earth come alive witnessing and wondering with the universe this web of life from which we emerged and will return. I’m  grateful to be in this conversation with you about ministry, congregations in transition, and about our Living Tradition, Unitarian  Universalism.
-Rev. Joel Miller

Our Beliefs

Love in Action
To welcome all. To lead with love. To embrace hope. To cultivate community. To challenge assumptions. To face our biases and prejudices with clear eyes. To spark positive change within ourselves and in our communities. To act in ways that help move the arc of the universe toward justice.

Donations Needed for Afghan Families. All Souls Parking Lot. Sat. Sept 18, 12-5

Drop off items for the 7,000 Afghans at Camp Atterbury. They particularly need baby supplies, especially diaper cream, diapers (an estimated 30,000!), wipes and powdered formula. And clothes! They are trying to make sure everyone has at least two sets of clothing. Modest clothing for women includes full length skirts, long pants and long sleeve crewneck shirts. Pashmina head scarves (at least 48” long) and hijabs would also be appreciated.

New Covid Safety Web Page

Please view our new Covid-19 Web Page for the latest on All Souls’ Covid Plans and Precautions. This web page can be found in the “About Us” section. Click on the down arrow next to “About” to navigate to this page.

Playground clean-up day/ Garden Planting Day Saturday, September 18, 10am-2pm

We’ll be at church from 10-2 spreading mulch under our playground equipment and removing some old items that are in a state of disrepair. Due to Covid safety we’re currently hosting all of our Faith Formation classes outdoors, and we’ll continue to make use of outdoor spaces even when we return to indoor programs. Let’s make the playground as hospitable for our children as possible! Childcare and cold beverages will be provided! Useful items to bring include garden or work gloves and wheelbarrows. We will also be planting seeds and starts for our Fall Garden.

What are Unitarian Universalists?