People come to All Souls seeking connection, meaning, and shared purpose.  We hope you find these with us. We are diverse in faith and spirituality, committed to building a diverse, welcoming, multicultural Beloved Community, and a joyous, justice-seeking people who express our compassion in tangible ways.                                 – Rev. Anastassia Zinke, Minister    

Upcoming Worship (Sundays, 10:30am)

October 20: “More than the Jewish People have kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept the Jewish People.” This statement by noted early 20th Century Hebrew essayist Ahad Ha’am encapsulates the Jewish relationship to the Sabbath. Many Biblical rules form the foundation for our observance of a day of rest and in our attempts to follow those rules, and their interpretations, we find holiness. This week we will delve into the Biblical text, it’s interpretation in Jewish tradition over time, and the poetic work of noted 20th Century Rabbi and social justice leader Abraham Joshua Heschel. -Rabbi Shelley Goldman guest preaching

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Congregational meeting

The next All Souls Congregational Meeting will be Sunday, Nov. 17, 2019 at noon, in the sanctuary.  A full agenda will be posted soon.

Seeking Pastoral Care Associate

ASUC is in a time of growth and spiritual innovation. The incoming Coordinator of Pastoral Care will have significant ability to shape and extend our pastoral care offerings.  In collaboration with a dedicated staff and team, the Coordinator of Pastoral Care will guide existing pastoral care programs while envisioning new experiences for our congregation as we continue our commitment to grow with one another.     Our membership currently stands at 260 and we are committed to growing our community and community engagement significantly in the next five years.  We are looking for a Coordinator of Pastoral Care to help us fulfill our pastoral care goals. How to apply:  E-mail resume to: until job is filled. Click here for more info.

    Seeking Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation

    ASUC is seeking an energetic, strategic, organized person with a creative, communal spirit who holds that respecting the inherent worth and dignity of every person and recognizing the interdependent web of life will lead to the creation of Beloved Community. ASUC believes that Beloved Community is one of total relatedness requiring courage, empathic presence, and perseverance. We seek a Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation who is empathetic, courageous, and committed to growing the faith of our diverse, welcoming congregation. We welcome all applicants. How to apply:  E-mail resume to: until job is filled. Click here for more info.