At All Souls, we hold that respecting the inherent worth and dignity of every person and recognizing the interdependent web of life will lead to the creation of the Beloved Community, and that that community has a home called Earth. Beloved Community is one of total relatedness requiring courage, empathic presence, and perseverance. At All Souls we seek to foster this spiritual awareness and skill set.  

As much of our ministry is focused on the wider community we are in – Indianapolis – where racism, poverty, over-incarceration, under-education, underemployment, and violence are a part of everyday experience. We seek to build relationships with individuals and families and partner with organizations who have the passion for education, a commitment to equity, and who work to spread anti-racist and anti-oppressive practices. We work to keep families together. We recognize we cannot do this alone, nor should we. Here are some of the ways you could join us in this transformational work of relationship and community building.

Explore our current partnerships and service projects that help equip us to create the Beloved Community.