The parking lot of All Souls provides handicapped parking spaces. You are also welcome to stop for drop-offs on Channing Road, which is between the parking lot and the walkway to the front of the church. This road does lead to a residential neighborhood and is not exclusively ours, so we ask you to put your hazard lights on when stopped there.

The front entrance to All Souls has a level threshold, and greeters are present on Sunday mornings before worship services. Greeters are able to answer any questions, and can provide you with assisted listening receivers and large-print programs. The chancel in the sanctuary is ramped for wheelchair accessibility. Benches in the sanctuary were altered to allow space for wheelchair seating.

Doors at the main entrance can be opened mechanically by those arriving in a wheelchair.

All restrooms on the main floor are handicapped accessible, and all rooms have level thresholds. The first restroom on the left upon entering the main doors is a single stall, gender neutral restroom. There is an elevator to all other levels of our building in the front atrium.

In case of inclement weather the church office might be closed or delay opening. Our full inclement weather policy can be found here: Inclement Weather Policy.