Our Governance Structure

Democracy is at the heart of Unitarian Universalist congregations, including All Souls. We are an independent congregation, in an active association and relationship with other Unitarian Universalist congregations locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. The ultimate authority within the church is held by the congregation, which elects the Board of Trustees, calls its primary minister and votes on fiscal decisions and major initiatives.

We internally use a policy governance style-organizational system, which guides action with broad statements of goals articulated by our leadership. It is a transparent system that establishes clear lines of authority and accountability while encouraging open communication and avoiding micro-managing. Policy Governance entrusts people with the freedom to do their jobs creatively and effectively.

Our Leaders

Meet Our Lay Leaders: our Board of Trustees, Program Council, and Leadership and Nominations Committee, who do the work of: making and implementing policy, helping with ministry and programs, and developing the next set of congregational leaders. 

Board of Trustees Meetings

For the 2023-24 church year, the Board of Trustees will hold business meetings on the second or third Monday of each month at 7 p.m.  Members and friends are welcome to attend. Click on the meeting date links below to see the meeting agenda and get the Zoom meeting link:

May 17, 2023

June 14, 2023

Meeting Minutes

Approved Meeting Minutes

Annual Lists of Approved Motions and Policies

2021-2022 Board Approved Motions

2020-2021 Board Approved Motions.docx

2019-2020 Board Approved Motions.docx

2018-2019 Board Approved Motions.docx

Links to helpful Governance Documents and Resources

ASUC Bylaws 

All Souls Board Policy Manual

Current FY 2023-2024 Budget

Safe Church Policy All-Souls-Safe-Church

2021 Policy Governance Presentation


2023-2024 All Souls Vision Of Ministry

Guiding Vision of Ministry:

Together we create transformative experiences each week that fuel people forward into their lives in the community, and then they come back for more.


  • Creating Clear Paths of Connection & Belonging to Strengthen and Facilitate Fierce Commitment to Social Justice and Multigenerational Engagement
  • Radical Hospitality & Inclusion
  • Create a Culture of Healthy Conflict