Our Governance Structure

Democracy is at the heart of Unitarian Universalist congregations, including All Souls. We are an independent congregation, in an active association and relationship with other Unitarian Universalist congregations locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. The ultimate authority within the church is held by the congregation, which elects the Board of Trustees, calls its primary minister and votes on fiscal decisions and major initiatives.

We internally use a policy governance style-organizational system, which guides action with broad statements of goals articulated by our leadership. It is a transparent system that establishes clear lines of authority and accountability while encouraging open communication and avoiding micro-managing. Policy Governance entrusts people with the freedom to do their jobs creatively and effectively.

Our Leaders

Meet Our Lay Leaders: our Board of Trustees, Program Council, and Leadership and Nominations Committee, who do the work of: making and implementing policy, helping with ministry and programs, and developing the next set of congregational leaders. 


Board of Trustees Meetings

For the 2022-23 church year, the Board of Trustees will hold business meetings on the second or third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m.  Members and friends are welcome to attend. Click on the meeting date links below to see the meeting agenda and get the Zoom meeting link:

Meeting Minutes

 May 2022 Board Meeting Minutes

May 2022 Special Congregational Meeting Minutes 

May 2022 Annual Congregational Meeting Minutes 

Annual Lists of Approved Motions and Policies

2020-2021 Board Approved Motions.docx

2019-2020 Board Approved Motions.docx

2018-2019 Board Approved Motions.docx


Links to helpful Governance Documents and Resources:

ASUC Bylaws – last revised and approved Dec 12, 2021 
All Souls Board Policy Manual – last revised and approved May 18, 2022

Current FY 2022-2023 Budget

Safe Church Policy All-Souls-Safe-Church

2021 Policy Governance Presentation

 The Board Policy Manual is a work in progress and will be routinely updated. Anyone with questions or comments about policies, procedures or any other aspect of governance, please contact Jean Miller at president@allsoulsindy.org. 


2021-2022 Church Year Key Elements

(note: 2022-23 Key Elements will be developed at the August Board Retreat)

The annual Vision of Ministry is developed together by the Board and minister and is utilized to inform ministry activities and programming. Our 2021-2022 Vision of Ministry is:

  1. Strengthen All Souls’ ministry on caring & connections and methods of congregating.

    • Mailed communications
    • Reaching out to people who are disconnected
    • Offer modes of easy connections
    • Welcoming/following up with visitors (online and in person)
  1. Plan and prepare for transition to new settled ministry.
  2. Educate and evaluate ourselves as individuals and as part of the wider world with the goal of moving forward in our anti-racism/anti-oppression/climate justice growth. 

In the future, the church’s annual Vision of Ministry will be informed by “Open Questions” that the Board, staff and congregation consider together over the course of the previous year—questions which are designed to facilitate meaningful conversations about our congregation’s future.

Our Board, staff and Program Council worked together with Sharon Dittmar from UUA to develop Open Questions for 2021-22, which we will be working on from November through March.

  1. How can we be intentionally kinder to each other and make All Souls a community that is a “soft place to land”?
  2. How do we make change and support others making change in the wider world

Additionally, the Board set operational goals for itself which can be found here: