Democracy is at the heart of Unitarian Universalist congregations, including All Souls. We are an independent congregation, in an active association and relationship with other Unitarian Universalist congregations locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. The ultimate authority within the church is held by the congregation, which elects the Board of Trustees, calls its primary minister and votes on fiscal decisions and major initiatives.

We internally use a policy governance style-organizational system, which guides action with broad statements of goals articulated by our leadership. It is a transparent system that establishes clear lines of authority and accountability while encouraging open communication and avoiding micro-managing. Policy Governance entrusts people with the freedom to do their jobs creatively and effectively.


Governance Documents

Public_Board_Meeting Agenda Oct 8, 2019

Board of Trustee meeting min March-Aug 2019

Minister’s Report August 2019

Minister’s Report June 2019

Minster’s Report May 2019

Minister’s Report March 2019

Board Meeting Minutes February 2019

Board Meeting Minutes January 2019

Minister’s Report January 2019

Congregational Meeting Minutes December 2018

Board Meeting Minutes December 2018

Board Meeting Minutes November 2018

Minister’s Report November 2018

Board Meeting Minutes October 2018

Board Meeting Minutes September 2018

Ministers Report September 2018

Board Meeting Minutes August 2018

Board Retreat Minutes Summer 2018

Ministers Report March 2018Min Board Report, June 2019