Our Mission:

To welcome all.

To lead with love.

To embrace hope.

To cultivate community.

To challenge assumptions.

To face our biases and prejudices with clear eyes.

To spark positive change within ourselves and in our communities.

To act in ways that help move the arc of the universe toward justice.


Our Vision:

We will leverage love as a force for positive action.

It will start in our congregation. Our members will challenge their own assumptions. Examine their biases. And endeavor to love not only themselves, but the world, fully and without condition. By engaging this work within our congregation, we gain insights and skills to take beyond our walls.

It will reverberate through the community. Our church will perform service and practice advocacy in our community. We will become the Indianapolis church most known for standing up for, and giving a voice to interfaith inclusion, anti-racist policies, women’s and reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, and climate justice.

It will find its way around the world. While All Souls members may leave our congregation as they move on to new cities, they will be prepared to put love into meaningful, positive action in their new communities, practicing love and advocating for justice wherever they go.

Our full mission and vision document can be found here: Mission and Vision 2019 Final


All Souls empowers people to create, nurture, and experience the Beloved Community and to bring it out into the world in partnership with others. We understand the Beloved Community to be an anti-racist, anti-oppressive community where come to know each other and be known as “beloved,” where we support each other, nurture spiritual growth, and encourage the active search for meaning.

Towards these ends we have adopted several congregational goals:

All Souls recognizes that we are life-long learners, and offers a full range of faith formation opportunities that are culturally sensitive, match the diversity of beliefs, spiritual types and learning styles that exist here, and that are relevant and accessible for every life stage. Our faith formation process exists to equip our members to create, nurture, and experience the Beloved Community in their daily lives.

All Souls actively practices the art of hospitality to welcome and affirm all who come through our doors. Appreciating each other, we offer compassionate care and accompaniment to each other as we journey through life. All Souls embraces diversity in all its forms, seeks to mirror the demographics of the Indianapolis metro community, and provides opportunities to learn from that diversity. Implement sound and transparent systems of governance and resource management to guide growth, and make the Beloved Community sustainable.

OUR PRESENCE IN THE BROADER COMMUNITY:All Souls is recognized for its efforts to build the Beloved Community and for joining with interfaith and secular partners in actions that foster Beloved Communities more widely in Indianapolis. All Souls opens ourselves to our neighbors to build relationships with those beyond our doors.




 Love is the Spirit of this church and Service is its law.
This is our great covenant; to dwell together in peace, to seek the truth in love, and to help one another.