Covid 19 Precautions and Plans

Recent Update: As of July 1, small groups of 10 or fewer meeting indoors or outdoors, if fully vaccinated, can covenant to remove masks regardless of whether staff are present (i.e., staff can now covenant with the group).

Update on Covid Safety Policies – Sept. 13, 2021

All Souls established policies on Covid safety with a three-phase plan when the SARS-CoV-2 last Spring. Our Covid Safety Task Force did great work in the first year of the pandemic and in creating the current policies (links below).

Currently the virus causing Covid-19 is evolving variants and continues to come in surges. We automatically went back into Phase One of the current plan because of surge in infection numbers around August 1.

All Souls is very grateful to our hospital workers providing care under horrific conditions. Please get yourselves vaccinated and wear your masks.


Looking Ahead

Our Summertime survey shows that All Souls members, youth, and friends have extremely high rates of vaccination — the survey suggests probably more than 96% of us.

The All Souls Board has charged Rev. Joel, guided by the Covid Safety Team, to draft new Covid Safety policies that balance the need for us to have access to church with the risks of our spreading Covid-19 infections. So we are, as a vaccinated community, at far lower risk of harm and even of transmitting the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In the near future we hope to have safety policies accounting for this. We will post links to any changes in policies here on this page and announce them to the congregation when the Board enacts them.

The Basics Right Now:

On Sunday mornings we meet outside and have two separate seating areas. We ask that you:

  1. Don’t come if you’re sick, have symptoms, or have been near someone with Covid
  2. Arrive wearing your mask and stay 6 feet apart from others outside your household
  3. Follow any additional safety instructions as posted or requested
  4. Bring your own lawn chairs
  5. Expect gentle reminders about our safety practices and be kind to each other

Masking Required Area: On Sundays, if you are following science-based recommended safety precautions, we have a “masking-required” area that includes children under 12-years. In this area we require:

  1. Members of the same household/pod remain at least 6 feet distant from individuals from other households/pods.
  2. Face masks covering the nose and mouth be worn by each individual over the age of five.
  3. No physical contact between individuals from different households/pods – no hand shaking, no hugging, no hand holding, etc.

Masking-optional Area: This second area on Sunday mornings is for those comfortable with fewer precautions. Masks and distancing are optional within this area. However, masking and distancing are still required when using the restrooms or walking anywhere outside of the mask-optional area.

Small groups of 10 or less are still meeting outdoors at the church. See the policies below for guidance.

Sunday Worship

As of June 20, 2021, we are offering an outdoor worship service on Sundays (weather permitting) in addition to the Zoom service. Masks and social distancing are required. Here are the Updated Policies and Procedures for Worshipping together in Person. 

Current COVID Safety Plan

Our current covid safety policies

Below are the specific procedures set out in the Covid Safety Plan – note that even though the procedures are labelled as being “Phase Two” that they are also effective while we are in Phase One.


We are currently in Phase 1 and are hopefully moving indoors for worship by October or November. 

Quick links to Procedures:

Phase 2 Health & Safety Policy for Large Outdoor Gatherings (>10 people)

Phase 2 Health & Safety Policy for Small Indoor Gatherings (10 people or fewer)

Phase 2 Health & Safety Policy for Small Outdoor Gatherings (10 people or fewer)