Author: Kayla Parker

Babies & Bailouts

Written by Jackie Anderson, lay leader at All Souls
Published by Rev. Kayla, Minister of Congregational Life

For me, one of the great, good benefits of being part of the All Souls community is that we are capable of taking ourselves right to our growing edge — … read more.

All Are Welcome…Here!

Some of
you may have noticed that in some of our outside communications we are trying
to be very clear that all are welcome and valued here at All Souls.

We declare that Black Lives Matter with our roadside sign, which was recently either stolen by the wind … read more.

All Are Welcome…Here?

week, the United Methodist Church voted to affirm that they still do not allow
their clergy to perform marriage ceremonies for gay couples. They also made stricter
guidelines and punishments for clergy who are out and are not celibate.

This was devastating news to many Methodists, including LGBTQ … read more.

Just One Call Away

The fragility of life is sometimes so apparent. A family is financially stable, and then a parent loses their job; grocery store runs become less frequent and the mortgage becomes hard to pay. A car breaks down and cannot be repaired, and suddenly a single … read more.