I have been a member of All Souls for over 14 years. I consider myself a reformed Catholic. I took on the role of Board President because I wanted to take a lead in making our congregation beloved and open up our circle of acceptance. I have served on the board for the past three years as an at-large member. I have been a member of many of the Committees and served on the Program Council. Having been a teacher’s helper in RE, I understand the importance of their work. I consider myself an activist especially concerned about climate change and environmentalism. I am also an advocate of LBGTQ+ rights and Black Lives Matter. I was a facilitator for the Beloved Conversations Program and have been a part of  a SURJ discussion group (Stand up for Racial Justice). Besides serving as your president, I am forming a Hospitality Committee, serving on the Finance Committee, Diversity and Inclusion Team, and Governance Task Force. All Souls has served me well and I plan to continue my service to our church community. I am so thankful for the opportunities I have been given.