We are so glad you are considering becoming a member of All Souls!

Unitarian Universalism is a non-creedal, covenantal faith.  There is no specific faith that one has to profess to join All Souls as a member. 

We welcome you into our community and embrace the change you will bring to us. 


  • Participate in our Exploring UU and Path to Membership programs. Facilitated by the All Souls Membership Team, these are opportunities to ask questions and hear from other members of All Souls about their journey with All Souls.
  • At the close of the Path to Membership program, you will be invited to sign the Membership Book.  All past and present members of All Souls have signed the Membership Book.
  • After“signing the book”, we recommend all new members participate in the follow-up program Roots and Wings.
  • Once you have been a member for 3 months you may vote in congregational meetings.


  • Regular attendance – this is the lifeblood of our congregational life – it is when we build our identity as a congregation.  It is when we celebrate together.
  • Servant Leadership – Giving of our time and talents in service to our shared mission. 
  • Financial Commitment – We ask that every member contribute a financial donation of record, one that works for them.
  • Commitment to one’s own spiritual growth, participate in activities that support your spiritual journey.
  • Appreciation for our larger Association.  As members of All Souls, we are also part of our larger Unitarian Universalist community.