All Souls is a warm and friendly community opening its doors to everyone who wishes to enter.  Because of the time, talent and financial generosity of its members, All Souls continues to grow and thrive with wonderful worship services and special programs throughout the year.

There are various ways in which you can financially support All Souls – a donation through Paypal, weekly or monthly contributions, planned giving, gifts of securities and stock transfers, workplace gifts, and gifts given to honor and remember someone special.

Your gifts allow us to go out in the community to work for justice, peace and love. Please take a moment to donate today.  To donate through Paypal click here.

Donate Via Zelle

We have set up a Zelle account for the church. It is a money app, sort of like PayPal, that allows people to send money directly to the church bank account, without revealing their own bank account, or seeing ours. The great thing about it is that it allows us to receive donations with zero cost to the sender or the recipient.   PayPal costs us as much as 3% on every transaction and Tithley about 3.5%. Here is the link to the webpage where you can go to sign up for Zelle   First search for your bank to make sure they offer Zelle. Most do. 

  1. Select “Send” and then “Add New Contact,” Enter All Souls as  and then it’s quick and easy to choose All Souls when you contribute.
  2. Add the amount you want to send.
  3. Select “Review.” You then need to add a note about the reason you are sending money.
  4. Review your transaction and then select “Send.”

If you have any questions, contact Mariah Arkins at


Gifts of securities are welcomed.  Please contact Mike Middleton at317-536-5175 or with the type of security, number of shares, and the purpose of the contribution.  You will be provided the necessary form with the name and number of the All Souls’ account and the DTC number.  With this information your broker will be able to wire the securities.

A gift in the form of securities may be claimed at its fully appreciated value as a tax deduction.  Consult with your tax advisor.