Courage for Racial Justice, Courage for Collective Liberation

It is my pleasure to announce that Chris Crass will be joining us this summer for a weekend of equipping and empowering us to live into our anti-racist values. Mark your Calendars for August 17-18th, and read to the end to find out how to register for the Saturday workshop.

Who is Chris Crass?

Chris Crass is one of the leading voices in the country calling for and supporting white people to work for racial justice.  He’s a social justice educator who writes and speaks widely on courage for racial justice, feminism for men, lessons from past movements, and creating healthy culture and leadership for progressive activism.  He works with community groups, schools and faith communities to develop leadership and momentum for social justice action. 

He was a founder of the anti-racist movement building center, the Catalyst Project, and helped launch the national white anti-racist network, SURJ (Showing Up For Racial Justice).  Rooted in his Unitarian Universalist faith, he works with congregations, seminaries, and religious activists to build the Spiritual Left.  He is also the author of Towards Collective Liberation: anti-racist organizing, feminist praxis, and movement building strategy and Towards the “Other America“: Anti-Racist Resources for White People Taking Action for Black Lives Matter. You can learn more about his work at, and download a free copy of Towards the “Other America” at the link to the book above and here!

Saturday Workshop!

On Saturday, from 9am-3pm, Chris will lead us in a workshop “Courage for Racial Justice, Courage for Collective Liberation.” Here’s the description:

We must rise, with our vision, our values, our communities, and our courage, for racial justice, human rights and collective liberation in these times.  With right wing attacks on our communities and the Earth, with people of color-led racial justice movements on the move, and with our faith communities struggling against the impacts of white supremacy internally, this is a time when white people, in particular, must choose what side of history they/we stand on.  Will white people continue to be, as James Baldwin says, “moral monsters”, or will white people join in the struggle for multiracial democracy, for structural change against supremacy systems in our society and in our denominations and congregations?

While one of the themes of the workshop is on white people working for racial justice, the overall theme of the workshop is on how we can build stronger racial justice leadership, values and action in our congregations and communities and the workshop is for all who want to do this work.  Whether you’ve been active for decades or a few days, join us for an interactive workshop with longtime anti-racist/collective liberation organizer, author, and educator, Chris Crass to explore how we can all rise for racial justice and work for collective liberation in our congregations, in our communities and in our country. 

This workshop is appropriate for all those ages 12 and up, and childcare is available upon request. Those in middle school should come accompanied by an adult, and those in high school are free to come by themselves. Keep reading for registration information at the bottom…

Sunday Worship

On Sunday, Chris will be our preacher for our worship service, “Revival for Social Justice, Revival for Collective Liberation”. Here’s the service description:

Let us rise in these times racial, gender and economic justice.  Let us rise in these times against racism and for a multiracial democratic society that frees us all from the divide and conquer of structural inequality.  Let us nourish our hearts and souls to rise up in these historic times to build the dream of the beloved community, while we bring down the nightmare of oppression and injustice.

Registration Details

If you would like to attend the Saturday workshop, please register now! Registrations will close and payments or scholarship requests due by the end of day on Friday, August 9th.