Director of Children and Community Programming

Location: 5805 E. 56th St., Indianapolis, IN 46226
Salary: $37,500.00
Hours: 30 per week
Benefits:  Includes health and disability insurance, PTO, and holidays. Pension plan available after one year of employment.
Reports to: Senior Minister or other designated Minister
Supervises: Nursery Coordinator, Religious Education Assistant, Youth Coordinator
Start Date: ASAP

Description: The Director of Children’s and Community Programming (DCCP) to develops, directs, and executes a cohesive array of programming that will:

  • support All Souls children and youth (ages 0-18) as they explore and deepen their Unitarian Universalist faith, particularly on Sunday mornings;
  • attract visitors and actively engage our members and local community beyond Sunday mornings;
  • deepen our practices and identities as people committed to inclusion, equality, and justice.

ASUC looks to build upon a solid Sunday program, to add ‘outward’ looking programming, and to equip people to live competently and comfortably in a diverse world.  We have wonderful children and families, engaged and excited youth, ample space, and a commitment to partnership and social justice. During this time of growth and innovation, the incoming DCCP will have significant ability to shape and extend our programs.  In collaboration with a dedicated staff team, the DCCP will create new experiences for our congregation, and commit to personal growth specific to anti-racism and anti-oppression practices.

Our membership currently stands at 260 and our average Sunday participation by children and youth is 32.  We are committed to growing our program participation and community engagement significantly in the next five years.  We are looking for a person to help us fulfill our goals. ASUC is seeking an energetic, strategic, organized person with an entrepreneurial spirit who loves children and youth, thrives in demanding spaces, and brings a problem-solving mindset.  We welcome all applicants.


  • Understanding of and respect for Unitarian Universalist (UU) polity, principles and theology.  Prefer UU affiliation.
  • B.A. or equivalent.  Prefer B.A. or Master’s in Education related field
  • Experience with education, program development and management, and supervision of volunteers.
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Overall comfort with and willingness to use digital tools to run a 21st century program (i.e. social media, instant messaging, etc)
  • Readiness to embrace the central tenets of the congregation’s current program: attention to age-appropriate faith development, enhancing ethical understanding and spiritual practices; a pluralistic approach to theology and spirituality; and building a Beloved Community
  • Commitment to developmentally appropriate social justice and service opportunities for children and youth
  • Prefer credentialing as a religious education professional under the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA)

General Duties

Duties include but are not necessarily limited to:

I. Leading our Children and Youth Programs

  1. Provide overall vision and leadership for all aspects of our Children and Youth programming.  Program development should focus on building an engaging portfolio that supports UU identity and our mandate of building the Beloved Community, and encourages multigenerational involvement.
  2. Create annual goals and learning objectives for the existing religious education program, Nursery – grade 12.
  3. Recruit, train, develop, advise and supervise church volunteers and leaders to support programs.
  4. Monitor and evaluate the program portfolio and collaborate closely with the Minister to guide and align future program development
  5. Obtain and review curriculum resources and program materials and supplies; develop curriculum when needed
  6. Oversee the Our Whole Lives (OWL) programs and Coming of Age program.
  7. Carry out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the Church’s policies and applicable laws. Enforce the Safe Church Policy and stay abreast of safety and liability issues.

II.Community Engagement and Involvement

  1. Design initiatives and programs that invite the broader community into our services and that engage our members in the broader community
  2. Represent the church in the wider community on issues regarding children, youth, and families
  3. Develop connections with other churches

III. Communication

    1. Develop materials and execute campaigns to promote All Souls’ offerings with the goal of increasing participation and membership
    2. Welcome and orient new families to the program by providing registration materials and program information
    3. Prepare monthly and annual reports, newsletter articles, blogs, and other communications as requested
    4. Advise volunteers regarding resources for enrichment and training
    5. Collaborate, lead, and effect positive communication within and among all committees, programs, and community partners
    6. Work with staff to ensure maximum program exposure

IV.Worship Support

  1. Collaborate with worship team to support multigenerational worship
  2. Lead the Time for All Ages, if asked

V.General and Budgetary Record-Keeping

  1. Maintain records of registration, payment, and attendance files
  2. Manage program budgets
  3. Prepare annual budget recommendation for relevant programs

VI. Supervision of any relevant support and program staff

VII. Professional Development

  1. Maintain membership in Liberal Religious Educators Association (LREDA) and/ or the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association (UUMA)
  2. Set and meet quarterly anti-oppression learning goals
  3. Attend regional and denominational professional meetings as time allows
  4. Participate in professional development opportunities, especially those offered by LREDA

VIII. Other Duties as Assigned

How to apply: Please send resume to Resumes accepted until position is filled.

Office Manager

Location: 5805 East. 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46226
Salary: Competitive Salary
Hours: 20 per week
Benefits: Includes health and disability insurance, PTO, and holidays. Pension plan available after one year of employment.
Reports to: Senior Minister or other designated Minister
Supervises: Custodian
Start Date: August 5, 2019

Description: The Office Manager ensures the efficient and effective administration of All Souls Unitarian Church, including facility management and rentals; staffing our main office with volunteers; and assisting staff performance through work-flow management, scheduling, and staff on-boarding and off-boarding. We are seeking a team-player with a high degree of professionalism, excellent oral communication skills; strong organizational and interpersonal skills, an ability to efficiently work through various tasks; computer literacy, and attention to detail. The Office Manager supports the life, values, ministry, principles, and purposes of All Souls and is the focal point of communication and coordination. Our hiring policy is non-discriminatory. We welcome all applicants.

– Ability to be a team player
– Excellent organizational and time management skills
– Ability to multitask
– Good oral and written communication skills
– Familiarity with non-profits, congregational cultures and/or working in fluid situations
– Ability to be trustworthy, ethical, and maintain confidentiality
– Ability to be polite and interact with a wide range of people
– Able to initiate activities related to the General Duties
– Ability to recruit, work with, and supervise office and facility volunteers
– Knowledgeable about major office-related electronic communication platforms and computer applications including database management
– Update ASUC website as backup to communications employee.
-Ability to work with Word Press and Microsoft Publisher
– Demonstrate a solution-driven attitude

Qualifications: We are seeking someone with at least two years of college education and/or relevant work experience. Previous experience in a church setting or non-profit is a plus. Must be comfortable working in a “high contact” position and juggling the unexpected.

Duties include but are not necessarily limited to:

I. Church Rentals
1. Recruit new rentals: Create and track advertising for new tenants; meet with potential renters, provide tours, explain rental guidelines, etc.
2. Negotiate and secure rentals consistent with church rental policies and guidelines; serve as a resource for caterers, flowers, etc. as needed;
3. Coordinate rental schedule with Custodian to maintain the property both pre and post events, utilizing Custodian whenever possible as the rental attendant;
4. Provide a written report to the Senior Minister to be included in the monthly Board Report;
5. Ensure that the Financial Administrator has all needed financial information regarding rentals;
6. Report on upcoming rentals at staff meetings.
7. Keeping rental manuals and forms updated.

II. Facilities Management
1. Supervise custodian, communicating overall goals and priorities, monitoring job performance, and providing regular informal feedback. Custodian monitoring should be accomplished with an appropriate mix of oversight, support and encouragement.
2. Contract custodial fill-in staff;
3. Maintain the property in a safe and usable condition, including, but not limited to, contacting vendors when necessary to secure bids, contracts, and schedules for routine and/or emergency work on building systems and infrastructure (furnace, trash, plumbing, etc.);
4. Maintain church keys;
5. Maintain list of vendors, supply schedule and other records necessary for facilities maintenance;
6. Identify minor maintenance situations for repair
7. Coordinate facilities maintenance needs among staff/volunteers/contractors
8. Schedule annual tests/inspections and providing access to building /basement

III. Church Calendar System
1. Track all building usage (church events and rentals);
2. Maintain up-to-date calendar;
3. Regularly print/discuss upcoming events at staff meetings;
4. Ensure that appropriate events are communicated via the church’s publications.

IV. Membership Coordination (backup support for Membership Coordinator)
1. Understand the membership database platform, providing back-up support to Membership Coordinator and Membership Committee as needed.
2. Keep an updated directory available in the church office at all times;
3. Upon request, provide reports on membership for Committee, Board, or Congregational purposes.

V. Human Resources Support
1. Coordinate staff calendar;
2. Research, orient, and implement systems to improve staff workflow and collaboration; including at the weekly staff meeting.
3. Manage the staff on-boarding and off-boarding process, with a focus on orientation to All Souls’ systems, schedules, and procedures; setting up of office space, email, phone, keys and password access; and ensuring early orientation meetings with Senior Minister and Financial Administrator.
4. Maintain paper copies of confidential personnel files.

VI. Staffing Front Office
1. Provide a welcoming first contact for All Souls (in person, by phone and by email) and responding to requests in a timely fashion;
2. Answer and route calls, emails, and inquiries;
3. Demonstrate familiarity with All Souls offerings.

VII. General Church Administration
1. Work closely and cooperatively with the Senior Minister, staff, and lay leaders in developing and implementing administrative operations;
2. Provide general clerical support of semi-routine nature;
3. Organize and maintain office records, files, cabinets, supplies and office equipment, including mailboxes for Board, committees and other staff;
4. Collect and distribute mail;
5. Check inventory and procure supplies as needed, including postage;
6. Maintain office machines and internet as needed, including communicating with vendors/IT support;
7. Update the standard operating procedures for the office as needed or requested; ensure proper communication of procedures;
8. Utilize administrative operations budget appropriately;
9. Coordinate with Board President/Senior Minister, to address administrative or facility emergencies that entail significant unbudgeted expenses;
10. Provide occasional administrative support to church program staff and lay leaders when necessary;
11. Be familiar with and update the church’s software systems;
12. Seek to ensure coverage of basic Administrator responsibilities while on personal leave.

VIII. Other duties as assigned.

How to apply: Please send resume to, attn Pat Fisher. Resumes will be accepted through June 30.