I joined All Souls in January 1999, a few months after we moved here from New Jersey. I joined the choir right away! and have very much enjoyed singing ever since. All Souls means a lot to me, so I have tried to help out with: canvassing, RE, Freedom School, Church Council, Program Council, the Board (one year as secretary), Butterfly Garden, rummage sale . . . it is easy to volunteer when we have such great committee chairs!I would be honored to serve on the Ministerial Search Committee. I know it is a great responsibility. We, as a community, have had some difficult times (including this past year!) but, with the help of some very good ministers, have moved forward and I think become a stronger community and with a stronger focus on social justice and equity. If I serve, I would do my best to help choose a minister who would keep us moving forward, as a strong and strengthening community, on our goals.