Just One Call Away

The fragility of life is sometimes so apparent. A family is financially stable, and then a parent loses their job; grocery store runs become less frequent and the mortgage becomes hard to pay. A car breaks down and cannot be repaired, and suddenly a single person has no way to get to work, as they live off the bus line.

One call from an employer or auto repair shop can shake stability into disarray and even desperation. Too often, too many of us are just one call away from a harsh reality we cannot handle alone. Even if we never imagined that could be a possible reality for us; the fragility of life is too often too apparent.

Here at All Souls, we want to declare that though frightening futures and quick slips to financial and social stress are too often just one call away, so too is assistance to help us make it through. To this end, we have a Ministers Discretionary Fund so that assistance can be provided when it is most needed.

We know this does not solve all of the deeply rooted social structures that have caused too many of us to live in a state of insecurity. We are working to address those too, while also ensuring we can be present for those within and outside our community who need some immediate assistance in rough times.

On Sunday, January 13, Rev. Anastassia and John Murphy invited us all to donate to the Ministers Discretionary Fund. This is a fund administered by your Ministers so that we can ensure those who are needing some assistance are able to receive this in confidentiality.

If you have not already and would like to, I invite you to give generously to the Ministers Discretionary Fund, so All Souls can ensure that so long as bad news is just a phone call away, so is support.

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  1. To donate, mail a check in to the church with “Ministers Discretionary Fund” in the note, or simply click on the “Donate” button on the top of our website to donate through PayPal and enter “Ministers Discretionary Fund” as the account to credit your donation to.

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