We are a congregation with passion for many social justice issues: reproductive justice, eco-justice, LGBTQ+ rights, racial justice, economic justice, health and mental health, accessibility, domestic violence and education. We know that by embracing and working on all of these issues, we are helping to build Beloved Community inside and outside our walls.

We do not all agree on every topic, and we come together to learn with and from one another. We strive to understand how all of these social justice issues are interrelated and intersect with one another, so that we might all move forward together. We welcome you to join us in learning and action. For more information on this, please contact Rev. Zinke at minister@allsoulsindy.org.

Environmental Justice

To read the full All Souls Proposal for Climate action click here

Resolution of the Board of Trustees

All Souls Unitarian Church of Indianapolis, Indiana, in recognition of the climate crisis and the threat it imposes on human society and the global ecosystem, as an aspirational goal hereby takes the Paris Pledge to reduce our facility’s carbon emissions by at least 50% by 2030 and to achieve carbon neutrality by no later than 2050.

While All Souls aspires to the goals of the Paris Pledge in order to join in solidarity with organizations across the globe, we feel the urgency of the climate crisis and so we will attempt to reach those goals as soon as possible.

The Board of Trustees will adopt a plan to reach carbon neutrality in our facility. In October 2019 it created a new “Net Zero Carbon” project team and delegated the task of drafting the plan. The plan will define the baseline from which we measure our 50% reduction, define what carbon neutrality will mean for our facility, and create a roadmap for quickly achieving reductions and eventually Net Zero Carbon.

The Board will assign a Board member to the Net Zero Carbon team. The Board will direct All Souls staff and committees to implement the Net Zero Carbon plan. The Board will encourage carbon reductions through its policies and all church-related activities.

The Board also encourages All Souls members to personally take the Paris Pledge to accomplish similar carbon emission reduction goals in their homes and lives outside the church.

Furthermore, as we work to mitigate the effects of Climate Change, the Board encourages All Souls members and staff look beyond our walls to stay abreast of Environmental and Climate Justice issues in our community. Networking with community environmental and justice activists All Souls will learn how to support affected people, and we will work with other organizations to rectify the harms of past and to help prevent new injustices from being visited on people on the margins of our community