Preschoolers to 8th Graders learn best through story; concrete activities; and various forms of play.  On Sunday mornings, children of these ages enjoy classes centered on learning stories of many faith traditions, hands-on activities to facilitate a sense of wonder, and the exploration and reinforcement of spiritual practices. As children mature, special attention is given to moral and ethical development as it pertains to relevant issues of justice in our city and the world beyond.


This year, we are deepening our understanding of being Unitarian Universalist:


PreK – K: This age group will learn about the symbolism of our church, explore our church grounds, and learn so much more about the power of our community with the Chalice Children curriculum this year.  Based in concrete, hands-on activities of learning and exploration, your Preschoolers may end the year knowing more about our community than you do!


1st – 3rd Grades: This class will explore the world of our famous Unitarian and Universalist ancestors through the Spirit of Adventure curriculum.  They’ll make pancakes with Fannie Farmer, learn first aid with Clara Barton, and build with Frank Lloyd Wright.  Each Sunday provides a hands-on activity while teaching about some of our most intriguing foremothers and forefathers.


4th – 6th Grades: With our URUU curriculum, our 4th – 6th graders will get a snapshot of what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist.  Covering everything from the chalice and connecting with other UU churches all over the globe, to the Principles and Sources and what UUs believe about Jesus, this age group has the opportunity to develop a broad understanding of the richness of our UU tradition.


7th – 8th Grades: UU Values & The Hunger Games (through January 2019); Our Whole Lives (Jan – March 2019); and Riddle and Mystery (March – May 2019)

Just how would Unitarian Universalists have come out in the Hunger Games? Our Middle Schoolers are exploring the moral questions raised in the Hunger Games this fall with the Unitarian Universalist Values and the Hunger Games curriculum.  In winter months, the ongoing Our Whole Lives lessons will take place starting at the 10:30 class time, intermingled with lessons from the Riddle & Mystery curriculum.  Each session in the latter addresses one of the “Big Questions,” such as ‘Where do we come from? What are we? Does God exist?’ and ‘How can I know what to believe?’