At All Souls, we delight in our adults and we cherish our children! We are all enriched when we have direct encounters with people from a broad swath of life experiences. Our youngest children benefit from the wisdom and care of our elders; our older members enjoy the wonder and curiosity of our elementary-school aged children; and our high schoolers are most successful when they have a number of safe adults to turn to throughout their adolescence. At All Souls, we offer many intergenerational opportunities, including

  • Once-monthly worship services with activities specifically designed to meet the needs of people of all ages;
  • Social justice projects with opportunities to serve that are developmentally-appropriate for a variety of ages;
  • Facilitated game and movie nights for cross-generational participation; and
  • Encouraging volunteers of all ages and with a wide variety of expertise to participate with our children in our Sunday morning offerings of classes, chapels, and activities.