May Nothing Evil Cross This Door

Our gray hymnal, Singing the Living Tradition, opens with a ward of protection:

My home’s mezuzah.

May nothing evil cross this door, and may ill fortune never pry about these windows;

and may ill fortune never pry about these windows;

may the roar and rain go by.

These words of invocation are meant to guard our sacred space, and those of our beloved community that gather within.

This last Sunday, I lifted up the idea that we give intention and care to creating and offering protection in this world. Those in our sanctuary were given the opportunity to write a mantra or prayer that invites peacefulness, and that encourages one to protect those people and places one cares for. Many shared how powerful this was.

Based on the collective reaction, we would like to extend this spiritual practice and place a small ward of protection at each of our All Souls’ doors and windows. This is a nod to the Jewish practice of putting a mezuzah (a scroll with words of the Torah enclosed in a decorative case) in the doorway of their home and primary rooms. Would you join us in this?

Consider: What do you want to invoke? How might agape love, forgiveness, generosity, courage, empathy or other virtues serve as a ward against harm and evil? Are there people or practices that model or embody the protection you are seeking? Who or what would you include within your protection? Are there particular elements you want to invoke when it comes to our children’s areas? Or our actual sanctuary?

Please send me what you have written or an image, and your intention will placed appropriately in our space.

May all people and places be safe and experience love this day,

Rev. Anastassia