Dear All Souls Family,
Welcome to EMBRACE LOVE IN ACTION, our pledge drive that supports All Souls Indianapolis’s operations from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.
Love in Action is at the core of who we are at All Souls. We demonstrate Love in Action towards ourselves, each other, those in the greater community, and towards our sacred earth itself. Though “Love in Action” is new language for us, the experience is not. Consider,
  • How have you experienced or witnessed love in action within the All Souls Indianapolis community?
  • How have you experienced or witnessed our putting love in action towards the greater community?
  • In one year’s time, what would you hope someone would say about how All Souls was putting love into action?
  • How are you willing to invest in putting love into action?
This year, we seek to boldly raise $350,000, representing a $25,000 increase (approximately 8%) over last year. The All Souls Board asks for this increase to support three important priorities: 1) an overdue cost-of-living increase to each of our talented and hardworking staff, who work more hours than for which they are compensated. Our staff has not had any pay increase in two-and-a-half years while the cost of living has continued to rise; 2) more robust adult programming and justice-making opportunities; and 3) covering the moving costs associated with our incoming, interim minister.
Will you consider making a first-time pledge or raising your commitment by 8%, 10%, or 15% over last year? An increase in your contribution will support the above funding priorities while continuing our collective investment in inspiring and thought-provoking worship; our top-notch choir; children’s and family programs; member services; and the spiritual growth, connection and purpose you experience here at All Souls.
Making an online pledge now helps All Souls’ leadership thoughtful steward our community over the next year. Please see “The Suggested Fair Share Contribution Guide,” to help calculate your pledge contribution in ways that recognize both our responsibilities and our abilities to give financially.
Pledges can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. Payments can be made by: Check, PayPal, Tithely, Electronic Funds Transfer, or Securities Transfer. Questions can be answered by our Financial Administrator Nancy Baney at (317) 545-6005 x 10 or
Thank you for your continued support of All Souls.
Tom Mulcahy              Rev. Anastassia Zinke
President                    Senior Minister