There is being “woke”, then there is the work….

I appreciated the engagement that our White & Woke worship series generated. We had people come for these worship services specifically, comment on our related Facebook posts, and want even more post-service engagement. All this to say, we commonly recognize that antiracism work (both the healing and the prophetic) is deep soul work. It is work that we yearn for morally and spiritually.

Here are three points I invite you to consider as you discern how best to move yourself and us forward:

  1. You do not need to “perform” your antiracism work. I offer this specifically to those considered “white.” Often our need to be considered “good” is at odds with this work. We do not want you to be perfect. It is ok to mess up. Please be authentic, please acknowledge when you mess up, and please hold a dedicated intention to reforming patterns of behavior (yours and others). As you think through what this means for you, know that Rev. Kayla and I available to you.
  2. You do not need to do this alone. For me, Unitarian Universalism has provided me with a community of belonging that is grounded in antiracist, anti-oppressive, liberative values. In that way it is counter-cultural to the societal norms that powerfully and pervasively suggest that I belong with those most like me, racially and economically. This is the promise of the Beloved Community that we offer here.
  3. There are resources. I suggest these two links:

Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism

Robin DiAngelo’s resource page for white people and parents

If you missed what we did, scroll down for some blog posts below, watch our first sermon, listen to our last sermon.

With Love,

Rev. Anastassia