Virginia has been a UU for over 30 years and a member of All Souls since 2004. She has primarily been active with the RE Committee and taught Sunday school for many years, has worked with the Stewardship and Hiring Committees, and is currently on the Personnel Committee.  

Although committee work is necessary, she finds simple involvements like helping with Memorial services, cooking for Interfaith Hospitality families, and organizing items for the rummage sale, the best way to get to know others. She served on the board of the UU church she attended in Geneva, IL and for over a year at All Souls before leaving it to assist in RE while the church searched for a director. She finds Board work to be refreshing and empowering as she sees the commitment and thought it takes by so many to live up to and further the goals of our church community. She recommends it to all members!  

Her daughter Melanie is in High School. As she has grown and developed her own beliefs, she has found the openness and inclusion of Unitarian Universalism a good fit for her. Her husband Derek attends a Quaker Church and she enjoys volunteering with his church group at the Mid North Food Pantry twice a month. She worked many years in small business administration and management before switching to teaching preschool – the smiles of children bring her joy each day. She enjoys walks with her dog, gardening, and creating projects to do with 4-5 year olds.