Deadline for Application August 1, 2019, begin August 24, 2019

All Souls Unitarian Church, 5805 E. 56th Street, Indianapolis 46226


Over the course of this year, we have been blessed with the stories and thoughts of our Worship Associates. They’ve made us laugh, made us cry, and cracked open the worship message in surprising and heartfelt ways. What you see on the chancel is the result of hours of creativity, preparation, and practice. This is one of the ways we most visibility embody shared ministry.


We are accepting applications for our worship associate program. Everyone is welcome to apply – we are seeking worship associates that represent the full range of diversity within our congregation (age, theology, personal style, ethnicity, length of membership, gender expression, sexual orientation).  Here is a description of what the Worship Associates do on the chancel and in preparation for the Sunday service:


  • Attend one full-day and three half-day retreats to explore the themes of the Sunday services, develop skills as a worship leader, practice writing for oration, and to plan worship series. Attendance at these meetings is required.  (Dates are currently set for August 24, 2019 (full day), and from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm on November 9, January 25, and April 18.
  • Appear in the pulpit 6-8 times during the year. (One or two members might opt to not present, and instead prepare the space for special ritual Sundays, or through doing art in support of our series. Please indicate this if so.)
  • Join our planning call on Mondays between 4 – 5:30 p.m. in advance of the Sundays when you are scheduled. (We plan over the two prior Mondays, for 30-45 minutes per Sunday. You can participate in person, or through your computer or phone.)
  • Write and edit your Welcome, and Offering address.
  • Offer hospitality by preparing the sanctuary for worship, and closing out the space at the end of the service.
  • Suggest and discuss topics or resource sources for worship, with the option of conducting research on our worship themes (please indicate this interest, if so).
  • Assess and offer feedback on the worship service.
  • Practice reading from the pulpit.
  • Model spiritual depth and generosity towards the congregation, including sharing one’s time, personal gifts, and financial resources.
  • Have a desire to grow spiritually.
  • Support guest preachers. Develop welcoming packet to support guest preachers.
  • Buy worship supplies as needed; costs can be reimbursed.
  • Select the share the plate recipient (from a designated list) if asked.
  • Be willing to share of your life experiences with the congregation.


We ask for a two year commitment.  Worship Associates will serve from September 2019 – August 2021. Attendance at the three worship retreats is particularly important.


If you are interested in serving as a worship associate, please submit the following application form by August 1.  The Worship Team leadership will review applications and notify applicants by August 6. Associates will be chosen on the basis of written submission, comfort with public speaking, and creating a team that represents the theologically-diverse, multi-generational, multi-cultural congregation we are becoming.