Are you someone who likes to join in singing a rousing, toe-tapping congregational hymn or do you prefer to sit back and quietly reflect on a soft, meditative melody? Do you enjoy music that is classic and traditional, or selections that are newer and more contemporary? No matter your personal tastes, you’ll find something that’s just for you in the Music Program at All Souls.

  • Our Music Program draws upon the wide and diverse world of musical and cultural traditions, including classical and traditional sacred music, gospel and spirituals, Latin music, traditional Jewish music, modern pop songs and Broadway tunes, and more.
  • We strive to share music that will help create meaningful worship experiences on Sunday mornings, as well as share our UU values with the community through our Fine Arts concert series.
  • Our Music Program is open and inclusive, welcoming all who would like to explore and share their musical and creative gifts. Opportunities for participation include joining the regular church choir, singing with the Intergenerational Choir, performing as a soloist or in an ensemble, or helping with the annual family-oriented Christmas Eve service.

We welcome your feedback and we are open to new ideas. In recent years we have introduced the singing of rounds on Sunday mornings and various forms of movement and dance. We have also experimented with innovative music-oriented worship outside of Sunday morning, including a monthly “Singing Vespers” service which was held during the 2016-2017 church year. At the same time, we continue to value our traditional music treasures such as the Holtkamp pipe organ, which is featured throughout the church year.