June 2: “Unabashedly Here and Proud” The Black Power Movement ushered in an understanding that there was more than one way to be an American and prompted waves of movements where people publicly and proudly acclaimed multiple parts of their identities. This Sunday, we say, in the face of public and legal attempts to erase queer and trans identities in particular, queer, trans, and same-gender loving people are here and proud. Not only are we here, we deserve all the legal rights and recognition as people with inherent worth. Rev. Anastassia preaching, special music performed by the Indianapolis Men’s Chorus.


June 9: “Membership Sunday”: Today we celebrate that congregational life is beautiful when it is created together. We invite you to bring a small, hard object (no larger than a key) to be incorporated into a collective art piece during our service. Featuring stories from those in membership, as well as a recognition of those who have served us well. All ages invited into the sanctuary.


June 16: “Celebrating and Supporting Fathering”: The first Father’s Day was a sombre event. It was held as a pastoral response to the Monogah Mining Disaster, which killed 361 men and 250 fathers in West Virginia. Today, we honor the sacrifices of fathers, and all the fathering we have received and given. Rev. Kayla preaching.