Sabbath: Do you feel rushed? Like you can’t afford to slow down? One role that religious holidays and practices of sabbath-keeping provided was time for family, community, reflection, joy, and celebration. In this modern world, it rarely seems like religious holidays, or traditional sabbath days, are any different from other days. Does it have to be this way? In this three-week series, we will embrace slowing down, unplugging, and establishing time for renewal and connection.

Oct 27: “Time to Disconnect and Reconnect”: The expectation that we will regularly check-in via our cell phones and social media has become ubiquitous and its poor health effects have been documented. How can practices of Sabbath help us establish preservative boundaries in our lives? What will such practices make available to us? How can we become connected by disconnecting?

Nov 3: “Dia de los Muertos” (The Day of the Dead): During this multigenerational service we will honor the lives of our loved ones who have died. You are invited to bring a photo or a small memento to place on our ofrenda during our time of celebration. With Rev. Anastassia and the All Souls Choir.