Sermon Series: Decolonizing Our Faith: One sign of spiritual maturity, is the ability to recognize what aspects of oneself to affirm and what parts are better to change. Unitarian Universalism has been a profoundly positive shaping presence in the United States and the world AND unfortunately it too has participated in colonization. In someways, we continue to present colonized thinking, and these parts deserve examination and reflection. Come reflect with us on the Unitarian Universalism you would like to reform and affirm.

April 19: “Dropping the Colonized Mindset”: One trait of Western colonialism that shows up strongly within Unitarianism is individualism. In contrast, non-colonized groups, such as indigenous cultures, emphasize a communal mindset, demonstrated by a willingness to live for one another. Come hear Rev. Anastassia share her personal stories and other findings. How can we we embody such communalism at All Souls, and why would that be a gain?