December 24:Joy Anyway: Christmas Eve Service (6 P.M.): Join in this family-oriented, candlelight service, as we bring the Christmas story to life through our Paper Bag Pageant. Everyone will have a chance to participate through song, movement, and even enacting a character from the Jesus-birth narrative. We will bless each other by passing the light of our flaming candles as the service closes. With Rev. Anastassia, John Murphy, Sandy Reiberg, Sarah Cannon, Alex Milligan and you!

December 29:The Christmas season is one of hope and love but also one of giving and accumulating “things”. In Dickens’ Sketches by Boz readers are introduced to the middle classes of Victorian England through the items found in resale shops. Lets examine what the literary device of the object story can teach us about untold stories from overlooked legs of our journeys. Nasreen Khan guest preaching

January 5:“Wheel of Life”: During this intergenerational service we will honor the transitions and celebrations in the lives of our members through poetry and naming. Help us mark family additions, high school graduations, member departures, weddings, and deaths. Featuring readings, enactments, and music by the All Souls Choir and Alex Milligan.