Sermon Series:Spiritual Discipline (Feb 16-March 15)

The best teachers will all tell you that practicing, embodying or experiencing something will bolster understanding more than an adopting an idea alone will. Various major world religions have various discipline practices that are meant to help their adherents know their faith more deeply. In this five-week series, we will explore the five spiritual traits at the heart of being a good Unitarian Universalist: humility; non-violence; acknowledging sorrow, while cultivating joy; democracy; and gratitude. This series is accompanied by a Little Book of Discipline with recommendations on how you can foster these spiritual traits in your daily life. Hear from Rev. Anastassia and All Souls Indy members.

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February 16

Spiritually Disciplined Humility: Unitarian Universalists have often prided themselves on their education and achievements. Our collective contributions have been significant and meaningful. Nonetheless, we continually discover that we have more to learn. This first Sunday in our Spiritually Disciplined series, we will consider the gifts that humility has to offer us as a spiritual practice and as a mode for engaging the world. Rev. Anastassia preaching, with the All Souls Choir.

February 23

Spiritually Disciplined Blessing”: Acts of blessing one another, especially across generations, was an integral part of ancient communities that honored tradition. We still have some of these formal moments, for instance at weddings or funerals. But just “sacramental” moments lead us to overlook equally as important moments of blessing – acts such as mentorship, listening, and affirming. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Leah Gunning Francis back to our pulpit.

March 1

Disciplined Compassion: Karen Armstrong, in her studies of the major world religions, identified compassion as the plumb line that helps keep a religion oriented towards its core purpose. There is much in the world today that makes our heart ache; come hear Rev. Anastassia share how compassion helps break our hearts open instead of becoming brokenhearted.

March 8

Spiritually Disciplined Courage: Courage is an act of the heart. It is the moment when we resist fear and instead work to save that which we love. If this seems daunting, come hear Rev. Anastassia share a methodology for developing one’s practice of courage.